Charles Donald Pulpwood, Inc. is a Port Gibson, Mississippi-based company founded in 1946 by the late Charles Donald, Sr.  His widow, Mary R. Donald, and sons; Charles, Jr., George and David Donald now operate the company, which does business throughout Mississippi and parts of Louisiana.  Operations include woodyards (some with water storage for wood and logs) that buy long and short pulpwood and sawlogs and services provided by numerous logging contractors and well-trained pine plantation thinning crews.  Five registered foresters are on staff to assist landowners with management and selling decisions.  The company also buys and sells timberland. 

The company produces about 1.6 million tons of pulpwood annually.  Approximately 500,000 tons of pulpwood, including 7 million board feet of sawlogs, are produced from the Port Gibson area, providing numerous job opportunities for residents in the area. 



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